Touvent Bas: LOCATION

map of France

This map is reproduced by courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries at The University of Texas at Austin. It is part of the Perry-Castineda Library Map Collection and was produced by the United States Central Intelligence Agency.


accessibleLog pile at ToutventPrior to 1988 we had spent many enjoyable holidays in the Dordogne, including several stays at the camp site adjacent to the house, so we knew the area well. Since spending more time at Rouffignac we have got to know the area well and find it even better than we had expected. New auto-routes and the option of cheap flights to Bordeaux and Bergerac, as well as development of many new tourist attractions, make the area attractive to visitors from the UK.

facilitiesDuring the summer peak visitors can take advantage of the facilities at the Bleu Soleil camp site, especially attractive for youngsters. At other times the situation is extremely tranquil. The house overlooks open country and there are extensive views from the garden.